Swimming Camera Testimonials

Jacco Verhaeren
Head Coach Swimming Australia

"SwimPro gives us multiple eyes underwater - fast. It provides real-time and post session feedback on large displays and/or iOS devices and allows us to share between coach, athlete and scientist. SwimPro has enabled a more efficient use of time because of the reduced setup involved when it comes to the use of video on pool deck, and is of great value to our team".

Elaine Tor
Victorian Institute of Sport Australia

"When setting up the new Victorian Institute of Sport (VIS) Swimming Biomechanics program it was important that we found a quality underwater video system to enable quantitative analysis. We have been using the new SwimPro wireless multi-camera system for a few months now and have been very happy with how easy it is to set-up and how clear the image is on the iPad app and TV. Our pool has very low lighting but the high-quality cameras that come with the system have been able to adjust so that the image is still clear. We use the system specifically for skill testing/filming sessions with all of our elite swimmers at the VIS and have also been able to easily export the video wirelessly for distribution to coaches and detailed analysis after each session. The best thing about the SwimPro cameras is that you are able to capture multiple angles at once with one click of a button, this is a particularly useful feature for filming skills like starts and turns. The SwimPro camera system has really added value to our program and I would recommend the SwimPro camera system to swim programs because it is versatile, easy to use and with the new iPad app you can easily analyse and share video clips."

Peter Andrews
Michael Andrews Super-coach

"The swim pro is honestly already changed the way we do swimming . I have the privilege of working with many different athletes with many different stroke issues . I have seen stroke issues that I could never have seen if it wasn't for swim Pro but honestly I don't want to sound corney but this camera system is unbelievable . Just tonight I was looking at an athlete I work with that has such a nice stroke ,she sets up the catch so well and gets the arm into a powerfull catch position so it just makes sense to me that she should be amazingly fast , but she isn't as fast as she should be . Anyhow with the capabilities swim Pro has I am able to Ghost her image over Michael and right away I see the problem . Her body is under rotated so even though she is setting up the catch in the right position I can now see that instead of adducting the Bicep into the side using her large and much stronger Lat muscles she is pulling more with the front of the shoulder and it also makes sense why she isn't recovering with a high elbow. This is a big deal and we will be able to make some radicle changes that will give her the time drops she needs to get a full ride to college . So Swim Pro isn't just another camera , this system is the real game changer . What I have learned is that athletes think they are performing a movement a certain way when in fact most of the time they are doing something entirely different . Even on Michaels Fly we discovered exactly that . So when he can watch back and see for himself ,this is a very powerfull tool for change . I know for me I could never work with another athlete without using the Swim Pro as there is just no way I can see what it can see , and having the ability to have the kids that work with us bieng able to view video of their stroke at any location on the swimmingcloud is such a powerfull teaching aid . This really is the gamechanger and I believe this is going to be the help we needed to get Michael on the Olympic Team for Rio 2016 and I couldn't imagine not using the Swim Pro going forward. Thanks Ryan and you guys have just been amazing in the way you have been there to support and help us to get everything functioning well on this side , I am excited about the coming updates that you roll out as we go this really makes coaching so much more rewarding . Thanks"

Michael Brooks
USA National Team Coach

"We have been using our SwimPro system for over a year, and we couldn't be more thrilled. The quality of the video is the best I've seen, multiple cameras give us practically 360 degree views, and with immediate playback the swimmers can see what they are doing underwater and make corrections on the spot. The system is convenient and easy to set up and take down, so we can use it often. I highly recommend SwimPro."

James Brough
Milton Marlin Swim Team

"We've been using the SwimPro system at the Milton Marlin Swim Team in Ontario, Canada for a few months now. We've introduced it into the training environment with fantastic results! From teaching our beginners turns and skills, to fine tuning stroke technique with our National level athletes , the SwimPro system has made a difference to not only how the swimmers train and compete, but also the way we coach. Ryan was awesome in helping to build a package that fit our needs and budget. We're looking forward to adding more camera's in the future!"

Michael Baruch
Triathlon NSW/Australia Affiliate

"I have been using the swimpro platinum camera equipment since 2009 for my testi_textthletes. I would have to admit, that this is by far the best investment, I could ever have bought. As a coach, it is my job to assist athletes in increasing their performance. The swimpro camera has allowed me to analyse the athletes technique in the pool and provide them with feedback to develop their technique and improve their overall efficiency in the water. This equipment is, by far one of my most valuable tools as a coach and with its compact design, I can take it anywhere. As such, my equipment has been all along the east coast of Australia as well as Adelaide and Darwin for testi_textthlon camps. It has also assisted the Triathlon NSW junior development squad in their camps too. If you're a coach wondering what gadget or technology to invest into next, then the swim pro is your only choice! It is what gives you and the athlete that edge in performance!!!!"

Mr Matthew Barany
University of Richmond USA Head Coach

"SwimPro taught us a new meaning for Southern hospitality. They were more than helpful in answering our technical (and sometimes ridiculous) questions during the shopping process. Once the unit arrived, they were super-fast in replying to our minor issues primarily involving our U.S. tv and equipment. After a flip of the switch, we're up & running. I'm looking forward to using the SwimPro for many years."

Mr Roger Karns
Lewis University USA Head Coach

"I purchased the SwimPro underwater camera and have found it to be an indispensable tool. It is very easy to set up and operate and the picture is crystal clear. Instant, clear feedback is great for the swimmers who can immediately watch their strokes from an underwater view. The SwimPro system is a must for any program!"

Mr Kezman Goran
Croatian National Team Coach & 2004 Olympic Silver Medallist Duje Draganja's Personal Coach

"Since I have the privilege to train top sprinters, it is necessary to use a high quality camera in everyday practice, that's why I chose your product and I am completely satisfied with the ease of use and picture quality that I needed for sprint training. I use Camera every training and helped me to work on sprint technique, where it is very important. Advances in technology is great"

Mr Jarbas In Den Bosch
Swimming Denmark

"Thanks for the equipment. I'm very satisfied working with the SwimPro Platinum swimming training package'. - Jarbas uses his SwimPro Platinum for a 'high resolution underwater camera system to analyse my elite swimmers', 'quick setup', 'mobile usage', 'live capture on pool deck for analysis with Silicon-Coach', 'feedback in meeting room with high resolution analysis presentations with swimmers through a HD beamer from Sony."

Bill Kirby Swim WA - Mr Bill Kirby
Sydney 2000 Olympic Gold Medallist

"I can recommend the company and the use of the camera as an awesome coaching tool for all ages! Our club swimmers love the visual feedback and have already put to practice most of the technique changes/suggestions we as coaches have been trying hard to correct for years!"

St Peter's Swimming Academy

"The St Peter's Swimming academy have purchased the SwimPro system early 2014. The system is used by all coaches and for all swimmers in the academy. For our young squads we just let the cameras rolling and they are just happy to see themselves on TV. The older squads getting recorder and playback with coaches feedback. This has been in place every Saturday and it has been working well. The youth/senior squads are working with Time Shift and all kind of camera views. This is brilliant as all swimmers getting instant feedback. Our system is also connected to WIFI and our coaches using their devices. We can have 4 cameras going and one coach in the indoor pool and 2 coaches outdoor pool. All of them getting what they need. Thank you Swim Pro for all your help!"

Tri-Forces Triathlon Club Canada

"The SwimPro camera has been an amazing tool for our swim clinics, development camps and technique swim practices. To have the ability to video tape each swimmer and take the time to break down their stroke has helped all of the athletes improve their swim tenfold. We love our camera and utilize it as often as we can to better ourselves as swimmers and athletes.

The SwimPro team has been excellent to work with and have been of huge help to us whenever we needed them. They are incredibly knowledgeable about this system as well as quick to respond when we had questions. We highly recommend purchasing the SwimPro camera not only for the product but to give business to such great people!"

Tom Atkinson
Nutri-Grain Ironman 2011

"SwimPro has enabled me to improve my swimming technique noticeably. I heard about SwimPro through a friend and contacted the team. I met the SwimPro guys at my training pool and they gave me at least an hour long demo to which I was very impressed. Their professionalism and attention to detail was excellent. They were able to put together a package very quickly for me to use in the lead up to the 2010 series. I would recommend SwimPro and their team to anyone in the market for underwater swimming camera equipment. Thanks again guys!"

Mr Nick Robertson
Swimdrills Private Coaching

"I set the Swim Basix up over the last week for the coach of one of my sons in a 25m indoor pool. The clarity in the water was to the full 25m as well as multiple lanes. Each swimmer was put through all strokes, starts and turns. What mistakes the swimmers where making under the water could never be seen by viewing the swimmers from above the water alone. One young swimmer stated, I thought I was pretty good until I seen my wonky left arm in my Backstroke, this error in a young swimmer would never be picked up from viewing from the side or end of the pool alone.

Most coaches put their high level swimmers in the centre of the pool when training, so what can a coach observe from the side or end of the pool as the swimmers are either turning or too far away to see any mistakes they are making under the water unless they are using an underwater camera.

The Swim Basix system is easy to setup on pool deck and simple to use. I have set my Swim Basix up with a 42” Plasma TV with the total cost under $1700.00.

I would highly recommend the Swim Basix underwater camera system to any club or coach who want to have their swimmers in the main final at State or Nationals."

Ballarat Swimming Club

"The Saturday morning swimmers have been checking out the new SwimPro camera which has been purchased using a grant provided by the 'Telstra Kids Fund'.

Each swimmer and their coach will be able to review the underwater footage to identify improvements that a swimmer can make to their arm and leg position, body rotation, streamlined body position and to increase speed."

Mark Lutz
Endless Pools | Director of Sales

"Endless Pools has been selling our counter current Stroke Training System now for 28 years. We have reviewed underwater cameras each and every year searching for: the widest angle lens, clear picture in all light situations, durability, user friendly, and reliable. The SwimPro Performance Cameras have exceeded our expectations and application. Thank you for the time you have invested in perfecting a system for this highly important niche market. You are assisting the world in making the fastest swimmers gain valuable insight to go a little faster!"

Mark Worden
M.A.T. Sports Medicine | Aquatics Coordinator

"My experience with my SwimPro cameras has been a very good one. I'm glad that I got 4 cameras, because one of the most impressive features is to be able to split my screen and show 4 different angles at the same time. I love how I can record all 4 cameras and show the swimmer immediately, or show him later. I also use the delay timer a lot where I have them swim and then climb out of the pool, take 6 steps to the TV screen, watch their stroke underwater, and then get back in and do it again. If I only had one camera, I would make good use of it and be very happy I had it, but I am really glad I have 4 cameras."

David Drewes
Coach for the Ohio State Swim Club

"We are very impressed by our current SwimPro system, and cannot wait to receive the new ones. Today we were ablswe to recognise a swimmer improperly catching in backstroke. He swam two 100 yard sprints, one at the beginning of practice and one towards the end, and dropped from a 55 to a 53. Just by seeing that his catch was a bit off, using the underwater camera, and then changing his technique. In practice - absolutely amazing! We have had multiple success stories like this one. SwimPro make a truly remarkable product."

Jak Mullins
Coach at Millfield Swimming

“The biggest benefit my squad saw from the SwimPro cameras was in their starts. The ability to set different cameras above, under and on the water line to create one long flowing shot was essential to them understanding the full start movement pattern. We were able to make a tangible difference in set up position, flight angle, power application off the block and the entry phase, making the time to 15m faster in the process.

Self-reflection became a huge part of the technical process with SwimPro involved. It allowed the athletes to record, view and annotate their own stroke during sets; whilst the coaches could offer feedback or technical aspects to look for, without necessarily having to go ‘one on one’ and sacrifice time with the other athletes.

This self-reflective process has created more independent and technically aware athletes. The impact that SwimPro had on the training environment was immeasurable. The coaches and athletes alike used the system every day and the team has become so used to being able to give instant visual feedback that taking the system away would certainly negatively impact the training environment”

Rohan Taylor
State Head Coach for Victoria and Tasmania

“Training today is a lot different to training when I began 25 years ago. Skills are far more advanced and play a role in the performance of an athlete at the highest levels. Skills like starts, turns and underwater streamlining need to be developed and conditioned. In my day, it was all about the laps! This is why SwimPro has become so important, it’s an extra set of eyes for me underwater. I would not have the ability to observe what is going on underwater, not only to see what needs correction but also what an athlete is doing well.

Having access to the footage on my iPad and the ability to record what I am seeing allowed me to give direct feedback to my athlete, Belinda Hocking, on her turns (particularly the underwater portion). We were timing her turns in a main set under fatigue and I was showing her footage and getting her to make some changes that ultimately lead to faster turn times. I believe the footage provided, along with her improved times, set her up to come off the last turn at the 2016 Olympic Trials in the 200 backstroke. It produced the underwater speed that lead to her winning the event.

With the SwimPro, I am on the pool deck observing and give feedback in real time. With the SwimPro being user friendly I am not fiddling around with a system, I just place cameras in the water and link up my iPad. While I am coaching I can glance down at the underwater footage if I believe I see something, or if I want to follow an athlete. This can be done without taking away from my normal coaching time.

The iPad viewing with the ability to record and provide audio analysis back to the athlete immediately is certainly my favourite function of SwimPro. The Cloud Storage is also good. I noticed that it allowed me to give greater feedback in a visual mode, leading to the ability to accelerate learning - for me, the benefits of using SwimPro were immediate. It can enhance coaching abilities by giving a set of eyes underwater and allows for the focus to be more about the athletes and their swimming technique.”

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