Swimming Canada Officially Endorses SwimPro


Swimming Canada’s vision for 2020 is to be among the world’s leading swimming nations. After using the SwimPro system for the past few years and being pleased with the gains in performance, they have now officially endorsed SwimPro as their preferred video analysis technology.


"The SwimPro system is an integral part of our training environment, both with the Ontario Swim Academy and with our the High Performance Centre Ontario. The SwimPro system is simple to set up and is extremely versatile as it allows frame-by-frame quantitative analysis for detailed skill and stroke breakdown by a coach or biomechanist, as well as delayed video playback to augment the regular training environment.

What makes SwimPro a difference maker for us is that they listen carefully to the needs of their customers and regularly update their software to ensure it provides the features and usability required in a high performance setting.  From a technical standpoint, the Swim Pro wireless high definition underwater cameras are able to stream high quality low-latency underwater video that can not be found in any other system at this price point." 

-  Ryan Atkison, MSc, CSCS, Lead, Biomechanic & Performance Analysis


The approach they’re taking for their vision and ultimate goal for 2020 has two strategic parts: 1) strive to be a leader in organizational excellence and 2) strive to be a leader in world class performance and athlete development. They will create a department with better resources dedicated to developing athletes. SwimPro continues to play a major role in developing their athletes and optimizing them to achieve the best performance.


Swimming Canada currently uses the SwimPro dual cam wireless package in their Para-Swimming Intensive Training Program in the Olympic Pool at the INS (Institut National du Sport) Complex in Montreal, Québec. They have 3 athletes training for the RIO 2016 Paralympics: Benoit Huot, Isaac Bouckley, and Jean-Michel Lavallière. Collaborating with ITP Montreal Head Coach Tom Rushton, Québec Head Coach Mike Thompson says he is happy with the program and how they have the ability to tailor the training to each athlete through the use of SwimPro HD video.


“We had a great practice last week, we identified that we wanted to focus on their start and turn biomechanical checklists Swimming Canada has, so we made them break down and analyze their turns,’ Thompson said. The session took advantage of tools such as mobile underwater video cameras, which can be viewed instantly via a large flat-screen TV on deck. ‘We had some really good feedback for them video-wise, listed out their must-haves on their checklist and got some pictures of them underwater. Tom was able to work with a couple of his athletes pretty specifically and I was able to take two of his girls and do that as well,’ Thompson explained” (Athletes Hard at Work at Para-Swimming Intensive Training Program Quebec).


The ability to work on an individual level with your athlete’s performance is one advantage SwimPro gives you. Add to that the detailed analysis you can achieve through video playback and biomechanist application/review and you can see why Canada endorses SwimPro, the world’s leading swimming video analysis technology.

In July last year, Canada won 27 swimming medals in the Pan Am Games and 91 medals in the Parapan Games in August 2015.


We are pleased to see their success with our camera systems and look forward to cheering them on in Rio 2016. The athletes will compete in the olympic and para-swimming trials in Toronto, Ontario April 5th -10th. Support them on Facebook Swimming Canada or Twitter @SwimmingCanada.

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To ask us about the SwimPro package Swimming Canada use in their strive to be world leaders by 2020 or to find out about any other packages or software, email [email protected] or contact us.

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