Swim Aus. Head Coach and a PhD Biomechanist give their take on SwimPro


Of course we think SwimPro camera systems are great. But what do professionals in the swimming industry have to say? We chatted with two, one a National Championship and Olympic Team Coach, Rohan Taylor, and the other a PhD Scholar and Biomechanist at the Victorian Institute of Sport, Elaine Tor.


Coach Rohan Taylor's Take on SwimPro

Rohan says easy setup allows him to have the cameras in place before the swim session starts. The ability to view video footage via the iPad at poolside gives quick and effective feedback to swimmers with minimal disruption to the session. 


"SwimPro is efficient and provides great HD quality. Mobile and easy setup allow the coach to focus on coaching."


If he wants additional feedback, he says he will share a video with another expert to get his/her opinion on the swimmer's technique. Having captured the swimmer from multiple angles in the 4Cam Package they use lets them do better analysis. 


How PhD Biomechanist Elaine Tor Uses SwimPro

Elaine says she uses their SwimPro system 3 times per week with each swimming squad they work with. She uses it for qualitative analysis and to track changes over time.

She can also export the footage to other service providers, such as the physiotherapist to quantitate different aspects of starts and turns.


“The footage is amazingly clear in any water quality…”


She says she prefers to use one SwimPro system over a combination of other cameras and technologies because the quality of the footage is amazingly clear in any water quality and can be easily adjusted to any lighting conditions.


The footage quality with easy setup makes this the go-to system for the Victorian Institute of Sport’s Swimming Biomechanics Program.

Both Rohan and Elaine use SwimPro to perform analysis to optimise their swimmers’ performance. We take their feedback and usage requirements into consideration when looking to develop new products, software, or features of our SwimPro camera systems so you get the best product.


Rohan Taylor

Rohan coaches the high performance squad at Nunawading Swimming Club and has since October 2008. He has over 19 years experience and has been a VIS (Victorian Institute of Sport) High Performance Coach since 2000.

He has been a Director of the Australian Swimming Coaches and Teachers Association (ASCTA) from 1997 to present and chairman from 2005-2009.


Elaine Tor

Elaine is a Biomechanist at the Victorian Institute of Sport (VIS) in the Swimming and Athletics Program. She’s a PhD Scholar with 12 publications in professional journals. If you’d like to read more about Elaine’s work with able-bodied and paralympic athletes and even how our camera systems help facilitate that, check out this article Biomechanist makes a splash at VIS.

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