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You spoke, we listened, we executed!

The new SwimPro Enterprise Software and SwimPro iOS App is packed full of features and functions as requested from our industry partners on pool decks around the globe. This innovative new iQ2 software and iPad / iPhone App is basic to use, fast to operate and offers a suite of tools to give you insight to optimise.

High performance teams from Swimming Australia, Canada, British Swimming, the ASA (British Amateur Swimming Association) and the USA Olympic Team have been testing the software for the last 3 months and are extremely excited!

Figure 1: New SwimPro Festive Frog Upgrade Screen Layout

Powering through 2016, the world swimming community will be focused on the 31st Olympiad. Teams are drawing on all pool deck resources to give them that critical performance edge. We are very proud as a company to know that our state of the art analysis system is part of this Olympic competitive endeavour, pushing teams to new levels with inefficiencies having nowhere to hide!

New features put more control at your fingertips​

All New iQ2 Interface gives you a more streamlined workflow and sleeker look.

NEW iPhone and iPad Advanced Analysis App

  • Delayed Playback
  • Local Recording
  • Save to iPhone and iPad Camera Roll
  • Annotate - Voice and Drawing
  • Share to other services from iPhone and iPad (email, dropbox, facebook etc..)
  • Frame-by-Frame Wheel
  • Live Cameras Preview
  • Overview Video Scroller
  • iQ2 Video Download and Save
  • Remote Editing and Annotations - available when disconnected from the SwimPro wireless network

Figure 2: New SwimPro Festive Frog iPad & iPhone App Videos Layout

We have come a long way with our iPhone and iPad App. We have optimised processing so your session is not interupted. You are given advanced analysis and sharing (even when not connected to the SwimPro network). You can go home, edit, annotate and share.

Multi Synchronised Video Recording

  • Record All Cameras - connected at the same time point

Press the record all cameras button to start recording all cameras at the same time with one simple motion.

Synchronised Video Playback & Timeline

  • Save video timeline layout
  • Start/end trim points
  • Lock playback window controls - 1 control for all
  • Frame-by-frame synchronised controls

Figure 3: New SwimPro Festive Frog Synchronisation Layout and State Saving

With video sync + adjust you can layer videos and synchronise the timing in playback mode. This is great for technique comparison. The on screen video timer allows for you to play back a series of videos synchronised and simultaneously.

Say you wanted to analyse a swimmer’s progress over a number of days. You set up 2 cameras and record the first day’s footage. The next day, you record again using those same cameras. If you wanted to look at the progression and nuances in technique over a period, of maybe 10 days, you could actually then synchronise and play back all 4 videos in time. You can save this setting and view to replicate in the future.
(Watch the video)

Video Manager

  • OS Video Manager - similar to MAC/PC

Clicking a right mouse or remote button feels more natural so we’ve removed the tickboxes and clunky icons in the new video manager.
(Watch the video)

ScreenCast and Webcast

  • iQ2 Screencast to iPad & iPhone App - audio and video
  • Webcast a coaching session or event to internet

Perhaps the most groundbreaking feature is the live broadcast. This can be used for competition broadcasting or promote greater collaboration among colleagues. You can watch coaches across cities and locations.

Pace Clock

  • Onscreen Pace Clock

Dynamic Camera Adjustment
Right mouse button a camera to get:

  • Shutter Speed
  • Video Quality
  • Video Resolution
  • Video Interference Filter

Figure 4: New SwimPro Festive Frog Upgrade Dynamic Shutter Speed Adjustment

The ability to adjust the camera shutter speed makes for better quality footage in any lighting conditions. Elaine Tor (from the Victorian Institute of Sport) says this feature makes the SwimPro system her preference over a combination of other camera technologies.
(watch the video)

Single-click - Remote Assistance
Remote assistance gives you superior customer support, so we can view your screen to identify and resolve issues or setting configurations.

Simultaneous Transfer monitor

  • USB 3.0 Downloads
  • Sharing to

Figure 5: New SwimPro Festive Frog Upgrade Multi-Video Transfer Monitor

Can all be executed at once and place in the transfer monitor queue.

Advanced Drawing Toolbar

  • Select from a range of drawing shapes and objects
  • Select colour
  • Select thickness
  • Mouse wheel undo/redo
  • Drawing On/Off Save function

Figure 6: New SwimPro Festive Frog Upgrade Advanced Drawing Tools

Video Window Rotation
Video Rotation means you can capture better footage for lap swimmers or divers. It means that you can use the SwimPro cameras in a portrait arrangement (opposed to a landscape).

Screenshot Button

  • still image screenshot (photo)

Quick review App (Beta)

  • iPad and iPhone App
  • Double-tap pauses/plays video
  • Slide finger left - go back frames
  • Slide finger right - go forward frames
  • Top and bottom of App have different frame-by-frame resolutions

Wireless Air Mouse Controller (Beta)

Figure 7: New SwimPro Festive Frog Upgrade Air Mouse

Our new wireless Air Mouse remote control is a brand new initiative. We have sent it to our industry partners for final certification and testing. It allows you to control the SwimPro iQ2 Analysis Recorder by pointing your hand (and the device) at the screen - (Read more about the new Air Mouse here). The Air Mouse will be available to all Festive Frog users.

Other Enhancements

  • Delayed Playback time in bottom right hand corner
  • Timezone Changer
  • Window Resizer - maximise button, close button
  • Video Manager
    • Camera/Annotations/Screenshot/Synchronised Folder
    • Right mouse button menu - select/invert select, USB, cloud, delete
  • Top and bottom of App have different frame-by-frame resolutions

This new software gives you a combination of features not seen in any other swimming camera analysis system. This is why SwimPro is regarded as the best in the world. We have had a great time developing this huge 2016 upgrade and NOW, inefficiencies have nowhere to hide.

Now available on:
SwimPro iQ2 Analysis Recorder
iOS Devices - iPad and iPhone

To upgrade to the Festive Frog, click here to purchase or contact our team. You’ll get full support, bug fixes, and newly released upgrades throughout 2016.

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