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The Elite Swimming Performance System

Providing Professional Coaches and Elite Athletes with the World’s Leading Swimming Video Analysis Technology

Developed in conjunction with professional coaches and elite athletes, the SwimPro system of high definition cameras with innovative mounting solutions, pool deck analysis software, customised iPad app and cloud based storage system provides the ultimate in professional coaching technology. SwimPro is utilised on a daily basis by over 2,000 world leading coaches, institutions and elite athletes in their strive for performance excellence.

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August 2015 -Need a Fast Setup?

The SwimPro team have focused on SPEED in setup and packup. We want coaches and clubs to focus on training and not setting up equipment!

The SwimPro team often get the question around setup time and packup time. We let Australian High Performance Coach Rohan Taylor put SwimPro to the test. Rohan considers himself 'hard to please' and will only take tools on to pool deck if they are of absolute value to his coaching.

(check it out here)

July/June 2015 - An Asset in Performance Swimming

Austraila, UK, Canada, USA and Germany have put the new SwimPro iQ2 system to the test with outstanding results! Swimming, coaching orgranisations + institutes and national training centres have all given the 'double thumbs up' (National Training Centre - Germany). The team at SwimPro are currently working on endorsement agreements with these large organisations so ... watch this space..

It is without questions that this end-to-end performance video training system has a place in performance world swimming - A huge congradulations goes to the SwimPro team!

May/April 2015 - Australian Swimming Coaches & Teacher Association

What a presentation!! SwimPro had a setup that would make George Lucas google 'awesome trade show setups'!!

Two SwimPro iQ2 Analysis Recorders were setup and displaying the Australian Swimming conference training sesssions. Andrew from SwimPro gave coaches eyes underwater with our new SwimPro Dual Camera Package. Our international visitors were blown away by SwimPro and now know why Australian Swimming is regarded as #1!!

March 2015 - Elite Level Coaches with SwimPro

We are also pleased to announce that leading swimming coach, Jim Fowlie, has agreed to join SwimPro as our Director of Coaching to help us develop an educational and coaching framework around SwimPro. Jim has racked up over 1,000 SwimPro coaching sessions and been a major influence in our product development. Jim, who has worked with several world and Olympic champions, says of SwimPro: "SwimPro has helped revolutionise how we work with swimmers. To be able to capture real-time footage from multiple angles, add delays, analyse, diagnose and then be able to communicate to a swimmer at the pool deck helps improve the quality and effectiveness of our coaching and speeds the improvement in the swimmers technique and performance."

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