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SwimPro News

August 2014

Race against the clock to meet the deadline for the launch at the ‘American Swimming Coaches Conference’ in Jacksonville USA next month. Final tuning with thorough and extensive testing is nearing completion.
Thank you to the coaches at the Victorian Institute of Sport + the biomechanics team at the Australian Institute of Sport for your guidance, testing and feedback - much appreciated by the SwimPro team.

July 2014

SwimPro application analysis tools of drawing, measure, stop-watch, angle,shapes, matrix / grid, arrow, stroke counter and 3D accelerometer/ velocity meter are scrutinised ready for final testing. Excitement setting in for all involved.
Meeting with Swimming Australia and the Australian Institute of Sport. Video image quality, shutter speed and wireless modules were on display. Warehouse ships orders to San Diego, Pennsylvania, Egypt, New South Wales and Canada.

June 2014

Redesigning and modification of the SwimPro camera mounts for a more robust and sturdy design is undertaken. Heat dissipation is improved increasing the user life of the cameras. Orders are shipped to Michigan, Western Australia, New South Wales, Germany and New Zealand.

May 2014

SwimPro Revision 2.0 approaching the functionality stages of development. Technicians and engineers are all excited as the reality of their research becomes closer to release. The establishment of a cloud based video sharing/server website where our IQ2 software and iPad app will connect to is envisaged. Our iPad App views all video sources, recorded, clouded video footage - innovative and a world first. Orders are shipped to UK, Canada, Netherlands, New South Wales, Los Angeles and Dallas.

April 2014

Major testing and developing for Rev2 components. Wind Falls made in Software innovations included a complete Linux OS upgrade to Ubuntu 14.04 (where we actually contributed and upgraded the linux open source community to run the complete OS more efficiently). Focus is placed on building a cutting edge GUI with scalable, opacity driven high definition video feeds from up to 10 SwimPro camera package sources. Orders shipped to Ontario, Scotland, Hong Kong, Washington, UK, Florida and Turkey.

March 2014

Warehouse supplied orders to Colorado, Western Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Sweden, Michigan, Canada, Ohio, London, and Kazakhstan. Further research and development continues with Rev2 with emphasis on 2 additional packages to the group which entailed a ClawCam and StartCam. Additionally, the development of portable battery operated wireless communications module capable of data transmission up to 150Mbps utilising.

January / February 2014

Meetings with the AIS, Swimming Australia and Victorian Institute of Sport enabled our technicians and engineers to integrate hardware innovations included re-design and large upgrades of all 4 swimming video acquisition packages and full stainless steel heads for higher abrasion/impact resistance.

December 2013

Consolidation of software for Rev 2 with the implementation of wireless cameras, more robust hardware, more reliable and capable software with an iPad App that transceivers information from our hardware and software. This is presented to the user in a graphical, remote control style format. The progress of swimming training hardware, software and an iPad app that is superior and more innovative is under way.

November 2013

Another busy month with orders shipped to New Zealand, Victoria, Western Australia, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, California, Kentucky, Peru, Spain, Poland, Denmark and Finland to name a few. New developments for the Rev 2 release begins. Upgrades in swimming training hardware, software and an iPad app that was superior, more innovative and generally better than the last product. More convenient updates for our clients.

October 2013

Warehouse is busy filling orders for new clients from all over Australia as well as the UK, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Chile, Moscow, New York, Iran, Germany, Canada, Mexico and Thailand. More positive feedback from clients who love the recording quality as well as iPad connectivity.

September 2013

Coaches contacting our warehouse to discuss the exciting new functions of the drawing tool, and grid usage that is available on our new IQ recorder. The screen guide is user friendly with added functions containing time zone, time away from live view,

August 2013

Lots of milestones and feedback with clients regarding the use and development of our new IQ recorder. Excitement regarding the tools available for coaches to analyse the development of swimmers. IQ systems posted to Atlanta, Texas, South Australia, Queensland, Bermuda, Illinois, Northern Ireland, London, Canada, Portugal, Egypt and Denmark.
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